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Alex Allegra connects with people by singing her story. Blending catchy hooks and clever lyrics, her songs speak to relatable life experiences and capture her up-beat, sassy spirit.

The Pennsylvania native has been drawn to the stage from the time she was three years old. Her interest in music and performing has grown from a passion to a purpose.

Initially following a musical theater path, her focus changed direction while she was in high school. In the summer of 2015, she attended the Interlochen Arts Camp for aspiring singer songwriters. After returning home, Alex Allegra began performing shows across the Mid-Atlantic region, captivating audiences of coffee houses and listening rooms to fairs and festivals.

Upon graduating, she moved to Nashville to study Music Business at Belmont University while also performing at local venues and collaborating with talented songwriters in the area. 

Now at 22, Alex Allegra is excited to share her first official single, “Love School,” released on February 26, 2021. 


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