Alex Allegra enjoys connecting with people through her music. She performs regularly, entertaining audiences with her original songs as well as select Country classics and Country Pop favorites.





When singer songwriter Alex Allegra is performing, she's in her happy place.


Influenced by her own experiences and generations of artists across a variety of genres, the 21-year-old Pennsylvania native combines her soulful sound and catchy hooks to create a style that’s uniquely hers.


Born to be on stage, she sang before she spoke, began ballet at the age of 3 and tap two years later. And then, she made the move to musical theater, adding acting to her repertoire.  


“The only time I found confidence when I was younger was when I was on stage. I was taking dance classes four times a week, singing and acting lessons, and performing in school and community theater productions. But what no one knew was that I was also secretly writing songs, keeping them hidden in notebooks like a diary.”


During Alex Allegra’s sophomore year of high school however, everything changed.


She gathered the courage to play her song, "Put Aside My Flaws," at a public showcase. From there, she entered a songwriting contest and received encouraging comments from the judges, which inspired her to see where her songwriting would take her.


In 2015, Alex Allegra attended the Interlochen Arts Camp for aspiring singer songwriters in Interlochen, Michigan. Being a singer songwriter was no longer just a dream, it became a calling.


She returned home, continuing to write, taking guitar lessons and booking shows across the Mid-Atlantic region, captivating audiences from the intimate coffee houses and listening rooms to fairs and festivals.   


In 2016, she recorded her first demo CD, entitled “My Journey,” featuring 7 of her original songs.


After graduating from high school in 2017, she moved to Nashville where she studies Music Business at Belmont University and continues to develop herself as a songwriter and performer.


“I’m eternally grateful for all the support and guidance from my family, friends, fans and teachers."



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